Author: Morgan Noll

Hi, I’m Morgan. I’m a student taking time off school to live my dream of traveling the world.

After months of debate and uncertainty I decided to cancel my study abroad plans to travel the world. On June 22nd, 2014 I start a 7 month journey exploring Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

This site will be used to document, reflect and share this trip as well as past and future travels.

48 Hours in St. Louis, MO

Day 1 Morning Start your day with a lovingly made espresso drink at Kayak’s Coffee on the corner of Forest Park Parkway and Skinker Avenue. Sit among Washington University students and observe the outdoor themed décor at one of the staples of the local specialty coffee shop culture. Tip: Ask for the featured espresso blend of the month. Next head…

Things to do in Dublin

When thinking of Ireland, many people think of Dublin. As Ireland’s capital city as well as its largest, how can you not? The city’s reputation precedes itself as one of history, drinking and national pride. Things to See: Trinity College: Trinity College is the oldest university in Ireland and has a beautiful campus worth exploring. It is also home to…

The Trials of Travel: Losing English

The longer I spend outside of America, the worse my English gets. That might sound funny, but I promise you it happens. A certain number of “what?’s” “huh?’s” and confused looks later you start to learn what words ESL speakers, Aussies and British people just don’t understand, and you start to cut them out of your vocabulary to communicate more…

A Guide to Ireland

Ireland is a country famed for its green landscape, friendly locals and world class beer. Rich in history, culture and natural beauty while also known for nightlife, there’s something in Ireland for almost anyone. While the capital city of Dublin certainly deserves to be seen, each region of the country boasts their own scenery and unique feel. On this page you…

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