Category: Culture and Food

48 Hours in St. Louis, MO

Day 1 Morning Start your day with a lovingly made espresso drink at Kayak’s Coffee on the corner of Forest Park Parkway and Skinker Avenue. Sit among Washington University students and observe the outdoor themed décor at one of the staples of the local specialty coffee shop culture. Tip: Ask for the featured espresso blend of the month. Next head…

My Day As a Goat Shepherd and Cheese Maker in the Pyrenees

Throughout the Pyrenees you can hear the ringing of bells. Domesticated animals of all kinds roam the mountains stopping to munch on some grass and occasionally interact with people. The bells adorn the necks of sheep, cows and sometimes, of goats. Yesterday I spent the day at the home and farm of a goat shepherd and cheese maker in the heart of…

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